Dear Fellow Amateur Radio Enthusiest,

If you have arrived here, then it is highly likely that you are looking to place a value on a piece of radio equipment. Either you are buying, selling or it's just one of those enquiring mind sort of things. We have long since been developing an update to this site and the book. We've decided to make the leap and take the old website down. For the immediate future, the book version will not be available, however it may return depending if there is still demand for it or not. We have had several people state that the book form is their preference, but using printed media has an inherit problem; it is almost always out of date. Rather than release a new version of the book we have decided to go to a subscription based website which we are diligently working on at this time. The site will have a new design and many more features than any book can offer.

Stay tuned and check back often as more details will be posted as they become available. Any questions, comments or concerns are welcome and can be sent to We will post a Frequently Asked Questions page in a few days.

Sincerely, Amateur Radio Blue Book team

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